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May 31st, 2022

Redefining our roadmap for APAC

Paul McCrea
Peter Eckert
by Paul McCrea and Peter Eckert

As we look ahead to Roam Digital's future as part of the projekt202 network, we're identifying a wide range of exciting opportunities. Key among them is our new regional hub in Singapore, which is central to our plans to expand our business, win new clients in the APAC region and solidify our relationships with current clients.

Singapore's appeal lies in the high concentration of headquarters of regional impact companies and its proximity to other growth markets, allowing us to establish a strong foothold. It also offers a rich talent pool and a proactive vision of leadership, which have helped make Singapore a lightning rod for global innovation. The environment attracts global industry leaders and challenges them to create and re-imagine, exactly Roam's strength and purpose.

Our initial focus will be on the financial services and telecommunications industries, as they represent massive points of convergence that inspire new digital experiences, but of course, we are keen to partner with organisations in any sector looking to innovate & leverage technology to solve real business problems and capture new opportunities. Whether building new businesses, products, or services, our Singapore office provides an opportunity to expand on the great work that the Roam Digital team has already been doing with clients all over the APAC region.

When we engage with our partners & clients, it's always helpful if they are truly committed to eliminating subpar experiences by listening to employees and customers, learning from those insights, and acting boldly on them. In our experience, these are the clients & partners who are best able to put technology to work for them and "win" at design-led transformation.

A few essential priorities define our five-year regional roadmap: establish our presence; raise awareness; develop opinions on industries specific to APAC; generate ambitious year-over-year growth; and; become the 'go-to' brand for exceptional digital experiences and product launches in the region. We'll continue to be very deliberate about the type, scope and potential-for-impact of the engagements we take on, with an eye to our values & the interests of our clients and partners. And fundamentally, we will create an environment for world-class talent to live & work with impact, spanning the crafts of design, product management, and technology.

We'll be measuring our success based on how well we can adhere to these priorities and in terms of growth across our teams, new locations, and our client base. We will, of course, also be keeping an eye on our financial targets, which are bold and, at the same time, realistic.

We're looking forward to the creative and business challenge of leveraging our expertise and internal capabilities to support clients in Asia. As a consultancy with a global footprint, experience in solving business problems in every industry, and a strong track record of delivering end-to-end services around new product launches and innovation, there are plenty of reasons to partner with Roam Digital.

Our client roster boasts some of the world's most well-known brands, for whom we have built fintech products, employee efficiency solutions, new digital business models and world-class mobile applications. We partner with clients from inception through to deployment without layers of bureaucratic governance, making us a preferred innovation partner of C-suite executives worldwide.

We can't wait to continue expanding our global reputation and reach in Singapore and beyond.

Paul McCrea
Peter Eckert
by Paul McCrea and Peter Eckert Paul McCrea is the General Manager of Roam Singapore. He guides our Singapore clients and partners in their quest to harness the transformative potential of tech and offer truly differentiated digital experiences and Peter Eckert is responsible for helping enterprise-level and globally recognized brands implement customer experience strategies into their organizations, changing the way products are envisioned, designed, built, and brought to market.