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November 10th, 2021

A new projekt for Roam

Chris Moore
Ben Morreau
by Chris Moore and Ben Morreau

In 2013, we started a small consultancy here in Auckland, New Zealand called Roam Digital (or just Roam, for short). We loved the idea of being able to explore freely in the digital space and set about creating a solid foundation and focus on craft, partnership, hard work, and learning.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have built the business we had always wanted to be a part of.

We have offices in three countries (New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore) and have built an incredible leadership team and capability in Design, Product, and Technology with over 150+ talented Roamers who we absolutely adore.

It is our people and culture that ultimately drive our business forward - over the years we have quietly grown a reputation as a company of exceptional talent that “just gets digital”. 

Every day we weave our magic alongside our incredible clients who, like us, bring a strong desire to excel and improve; we’ve worked with them to create experiences that have positively impacted millions of people all over the world. 

To all of our wonderful clients: we will always be forever thankful for all of the opportunities, successes and failures we share together through digital transformation and venturing.

In mid-2020 we met Peter Eckert (Founder and CXO), Chris Bohner (CEO), and the team at projekt202, a US-based experience company with an established client base that includes some of the world’s biggest brands.

projekt202 has a strong American presence with offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Louisville, Austin, and Dallas and were looking to expand their global footprint further into the APAC region. Its parent company, Amdocs, is a software company that has been driving digital progress for 40 years, leveraging its award-winning technology and the creativity of its 27,000 employees.

Initial meetings showed that the cultures were a natural fit — we shared the same business mission, an aligned core value and principle set, and passion for helping clients to unlock a competitive advantage through customer experience. We involved our leadership teams heavily within a year-long assessment process to make sure a merger would work for everyone. 

During this phase, we often heard comments like "they are like us but on the opposite side of the world" which proved a natural cultural alignment.  Our teams had developed a common connection and respect for each other — we had all realised that the two companies would be better off together.

Today we are so happy to announce that Roam Digital is joining projekt202 to help build the future experiences of many of the world's top brands.

An acquisition by projekt202 gives us the best of both worlds. It gives us sizable scale, resources and reach through the Amdocs network and also allows us to operate within the more nimble projekt202 group to outpace, outsmart and outmanoeuvre any competition.

projekt202 will make Roam Digital the core platform for them to build on here in the APAC region as we launch our service offering further into new territories and with new clients. 

Having this mandate, cultural alignment and backing is a unique opportunity that no agency, management consultancy, PE firm, or IT company could ever provide us. 

We will remain on, and we look forward to what this next chapter will bring — all the while providing easy meme fodder for our teams to laugh at.  

Both of us have always loved to test ourselves in digital and move forward, and in some ways, the last few years have been frustrating and distracting as we searched to find a partner for Roam. There was no shortage of options for us to choose from but the key in any decision was to make sure we find the right home. Somewhere we belong. 

We have that now, and alongside the wonderful people at projekt202 and our talented team, we feel rejuvenated and ready to take this company further than it's ever been. 

A bunch of curious, humble people driven by a commitment to craft and a passion to make things that people love — exactly as we were 8 years ago. 

Let’s continue roaming...

— Chris and Ben

Chris Moore
Ben Morreau
by Chris Moore and Ben MorreauChris Moore (CEO) and Ben Morreau (CDO) are the co-founders of Roam Digital, and key members of the consultancy's strategy team. They both have over 15 years of experience leading initiatives in digital transformation and corporate venturing.