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Adapt as technology evolves how people work, connect, and consume content.

Globally, ‘collabetition’ blurs industry and technology boundaries and shapes services and content – presenting new challenges and destabilising traditional business models. Previously discrete markets converge as players consolidate. Alongside exponential data volume growth, IoT is the third wave of the connected internet, as lower sensor costs meet greater processing power and bandwidth to enable ubiquitous connections in wearables, cars, homes and cities.

Staying relevant and helpful to your users matters more than ever, as open data regulations put more control in customers’ hands, driving an overlapping of service providers.

Our Experience

Roam Digital helps telcos and media companies evolve from a closed IT architecture – only delivering your ‘own services’ to your ‘own customers’ – to one that’s accessed through openly available APIs.

 As more services move to the cloud, we can help you better serve new customer behaviour patterns – from cord-cutting to binge-watching – and increase revenue and loyalty through richer personalisation. By working with us, you’ll gain a 360° view of your customer. So your marketing, sales and customer service teams can make precise, data-driven decisions that eliminate guesswork and wasted resources.

The Rise of 5G

The advent of 5G is set to open up new frontiers within telecommunications and media, delivering unprecedented speed and reliability to an ever-more-connected consumer base.

In addition, 5G is set to change and enhance the way we interact with machinery and devices, enabling staggering technological leaps in everything from gaming to robotics.

Enabling SMEs and Their Customers

In an era where every business is, to some extent, a digital business, telecommunications providers are enabling SMEs to broaden their content offerings and reach their customers in new ways.

Whether it’s through building better online communities or strengthening brand awareness via digital means, SMEs are benefiting from enhanced telco service offerings.

IoT and Smart Cities

Connected devices are bringing the best of the physical and digital worlds to consumers across the board, and enabling cities that run more safely and efficiently, driven by a constant stream of data gathered in real-time from a multitude of sources.

Beyond improvements in individual day-to-day living, IoT is enabling entire smart cities that run more safely and efficiently, driven by a constant stream of data gathered in real-time from a multitude of sources.

Our Clients

"Consumer expectations are being redefined by advancements in technology. It’s a constant challenge that we’re able to meet more successfully thanks to partners like Roam Digital, who combine a strong CX focus, the right technologies and a drive to deliver. The team builds solutions that simply work."

- Luke Longley

Digital Tribe Lead, Vodafone NZ

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