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Don’t just sell. Connect, by building better ways to shop, order and engage.

Increased consumer choice means that brands must separate themselves from the pack. As a result of COVID-19, more organisations are serving customers solely through digital channels, which requires rethinking core infrastructure and systems.

Businesses that adapt now gain a real advantage – if they invest in digital products and channels, and choose the right partners to help maximise their return on those investments.

Our Experience

At Roam Digital, we guide retail and hospitality clients to a digitised service model. Staying ahead of the customer behaviour and trend curve, we help create a seamless sense of destination by connecting physical and digital channels – from e-Comm to in-store.

By prioritising your customer and employee experience – we can help you capture opportunities not just to sell or inform, but also build long-term loyalty. 

Drawing on data and insights, we’ll help you create new, technology-enabled logistics and sales-fulfilment models that fuel accurate inventory management and innovative service and meet your customers where they are.

A Digitised Service Model

COVID-19 has established a new benchmark for businesses to provide their service to customers solely through digital channels and move to a touchless, streamlined and safe service model.

Aside from minimising the risk of viral transmission, digitised services offer increased personalisation and convenience to guests who are increasingly viewing it as the new standard.

Brand Loyalty

Increased consumer choice means that brands must separate themselves from the pack through their customer experience, both in-store and online.

Building true brand loyalty means going beyond redeemable points and birthday discounts, and using data to offer truly personalised incentives and rewards as part of a comprehensive loyalty programme.

Core Modernisation

Surface-level modernisation and improvements are not enough to drive genuine transformation.

Companies operating within the retail and hospitality space will need to invest and retool their core infrastructure and systems in order to deliver consistent, connected customer and employee experiences.

Our Clients

"We hired Roam Digital to help us solve a set of known issues, and they went further, providing functionality and improvements we hadn’t realised we needed. This was a mutually rewarding partnership, based on a shared vision for the future of the product."

- Stefan Oberg

CEO, Tradera

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