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Helping you provide accessible care where, when and how it’s needed.

With rapidly changing patient demands, healthcare must invest in technology to solve complex customer and business problems. Connected devices drive better health outcomes. But as more personal health information is shared among organisations, data privacy, security and consent become more critical.

In the digital health age, managing patient data through robust and sophisticated cybersecurity is key to building patient trust and managing risk.

Our Experience

Roam Digital guides public and private healthcare providers to shift from storing data sets to extracting insights that unlock potential in health management and value-based care.

There are many ways we can work with you to accomplish this. AI can improve early detection, diagnosis and personalised treatment, while 5G and Internet of Medical Things align healthcare delivery with changing consumer preference. Providing secure, trusted care means aligning with appropriate and timely decisions. Access to broad-based analysis, coupled with timely decision-making improves care, while giving customers better choice.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Connected medical devices have the potential to completely transform patient care on not only a macro level but a tangible, day-to-day level — facilitating everything from real-time monitoring of patient health indicators to more accurate diagnosis and more efficient treatment.

IoMT could also be responsible for generating a staggering amount of data on every facet of patient care; but that data will have little value unless it has been transformed into actionable insights.

Health Ecosystems

Although the potential for profit and opportunities to deploy cutting-edge technology can make healthcare an exciting playing field for innovative solutions, it is important not to lose sight of the industry’s primary focus: patients. If a healthcare solution fails to address the needs of patients, then it has failed on every level.

It takes a focused digital strategy to develop healthcare solutions that leverage patient data in service of patient care, operate intelligently and sustainably, and exist as part of a fully fledged health ecosystem that incorporates both digital and traditional elements.

Enabling the Medical Workforce

A recent Deloitte survey of respondents working at medtech companies found that 71% believe healthcare providers and clinicians are not ready to utilise data generated from connected medical devices. This speaks to a skill gap that urgently needs to be addressed through a collaborative effort between healthcare providers, medical device companies and digital consultancies.

Beyond data utilisation, the digital upskilling of the medical workforce needs to encompass safe data handling, confidence in operating connected medical devices and an understanding of how these devices work together as part of a complex IoMT system.

Our Clients

"Technology is enabling unprecedented, exciting ways to deliver value in healthcare. Partnering with Roam Digital allowed us to explore new solutions and ways of thinking to strengthen our digital health offering."

- Jay Harrison

CEO, Edison Health