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Smart service delivery, powered by digital transformation.

Utility providers have traditionally been slower to adopt innovative technologies, and face complex environmental regulation across value chains, territories and applications. But as disruptors enter the sector, traditional business models are under pressure from consumers who demand more choice and lower prices.

Meanwhile, clean energy transformation is being driven by finite natural energy resources and new renewables, storage and EV technologies.

Our Experience

At Roam Digital, we’re constantly innovating with public and private sector clients to build resilience and lower the cost of service while enhancing the experience of their customers.

Working with us, you’ll navigate a clear, actionable path forward, by investing in the right technology, to create smart, responsive digital infrastructure that’s defendable against both cyberthreats and competitors. Together we co-create the technology essential to supporting sustainable business models. IoT and analytics add insight – turning your data into a competitive advantage and enabling smart technologies and optimisation.

Efficiency Gains Through Automation

Utility providers stand to make massive strides in efficiency and error reduction through grid and process automation.

This automation will be enabled by IoT and supported by the analysis of data and intelligence from multiple sources within and beyond the organisation.

Adjacent Commodities

With the demand for coal and consumable fuels rapidly diminishing, utility providers with a stake in these industries will need to pivot to broaden their offerings or cater to new markets.

Augmentation can be the ideal middle ground for innovating beyond consumables, combining the benefits of automation with the cost savings of traditional methods.

A Digital-First Conversation

Customers are increasingly comfortable with device-driven interactions when seeking customer support, whether it’s via a chat window, a contact form, an email or a phone call.

And every type of device-driven interaction can be improved through greater focus on customer experience: offering speedy self-service, ensuring that menu options are kept to a minimum, and enabling customers to get from question to answer as easily as possible.

Our Clients

"We engage partners who truly understand the value of sustainability. The team at Roam Digital is forward-thinking, empathetic and practical: key qualities when it comes to advancing game changing solutions that are on the trajectory for our low emission, zero carbon future."

- Oz Jabur

Head of Product and Innovation, Mercury NZ