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Westpac Invest

Empowering customers of a major New Zealand bank to make better financial decisions.

Bespoke digital tools to support Westpac's investment offerings

  1. 01Developed two digital tools suitable for desktop and mobile
  2. 02Carried out customer research and competitor analysis
  3. 03Aligned the UI design of the tools with an evolving brand

The Challenge

As one of New Zealand’s largest banks, Westpac offers its customers multiple investment options, including KiwiSaver, a voluntary savings scheme to help set New Zealanders up for retirement. Westpac’s internal research found that a significant number of KiwiSaver customers didn’t fully understand their fund choices.

They engaged us to design and develop two digital tools, a Fund Chooser and Projection Calculator, that would live on the main Westpac website and within their banking apps, to help educate KiwiSaver customers and enable them to make more informed decisions.

The Solution

Over the course of a year, we undertook both the discovery and delivery of the Fund Chooser and Projection Calculator tools. Our initial kick-off workshop unearthed the need for a strategy to help users access the digital tools. We also needed to align the new products with Westpac’s brand, which was undergoing a staggered overhaul at the time.

In addition, we needed to ensure that the digital tools could be accessed via CRM by in-branch staff, to help guide conversations with customers and provide financial information. To make this seamless, we designed a full-screen overlay to easily access and exit the tools.

When launching the tools, customers are asked to input relevant information about themselves so that an accurate projection can be given. Rather than overwhelm users with a wall of forms, we designed the product to ask one question at a time, with large selectors and snippets of information to help educate customers along the way.

Our competitor analysis and customer research showed that similar tools offered by competitors were not optimised for mobile. Through our iterative approach, we were able to enhance the mobile experience through design changes, including a fixed header that intuitively changed depending on where the user was on the page. This enhanced the ease of use of the experience, as well as providing added clarity to users as they navigated the tools.

Over 46,000 customers have used the tools to date, learning how to easily make small modifications that could massively increase their KiwiSaver balance upon retirement. By offering comprehensible yet comprehensive financial information, the tools have also freed up time for Westpac employees and brought the bank in line with the latest regulatory guidance around providing financial advice.

The Result

The Fund Chooser and Projection Calculator have helped thousands of Westpac customers better understand their KiwiSaver fund choices. The tools qualified as finalists in the 2021 Best Design Awards.

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