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Helping entrepreneurs to better understand their data.

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Simplifying data for small businesses.

  1. 01A business intelligence tool for Android and iOS
  2. 02Set up an agile infrastructure with a dedicated venture team
  3. 03Created a custom data sync engine
  4. 04Provided enterprise-grade security

The Challenge

A J.D. Power study found that only 32% of small business banking customers believe that their bank understands their business. Serving these customers well means appreciating the challenges of their businesses, and providing a better way to navigate those challenges. x15ventures decided to do this by creating an intuitive business intelligence tool, giving customers one-tap access to the data they need to make key decisions. 

The Solution

The earliest iteration of the tool involved a number-heavy dashboard. However, our research and user testing revealed that users found the dashboard confusing. So we pivoted into developing a daily feed that serves human-readable insights, which tested very well with our users. Instead of having to search for and identify important data on a crowded dashboard, the information they needed was served up in a clear, comprehensible format.

The insights were initially generated by our business intelligence engine and then manually curated by data scientists to verify the accuracy of the data and ensure that only the most relevant insights were served up to users.

To populate the daily feed, we needed a way to update our data records with the software providers that our customers use in near real-time. After almost a year of working closely with the x15ventures team, our API team was able to create a proprietary data sync engine. The engine started with present-day data and then worked its way backwards, meaning that it could generate insights as it was digging through the data. This allowed us to turn around new data improvements and features in a fraction of the time previously needed and with more speed and accuracy. It also allowed us to guarantee that user data would only be shared with authorised third parties. The delivery of Vonto included providing cloud infrastructure: setting up, configuring and maintaining Microsoft Azure systems and environments. We’re continuing to work with x15ventures to improve the Vonto experience and expand the range of supported integrations.

The Result

Vonto resonated strongly with target users, with 90% saying it saved them time during their workday and 85% saying it helped them understand their business more. The tool has continued to evolve as we find new ways to add value for our users. Vonto serves business owners and operators across Australia and New Zealand, and supports more than 9 third-party services, including Xero, Facebook, Google Analytics and Quickbooks.

The impact so far


Integrations enabled



“Roam across the board has got a phenomenal team of thinkers. Their can-do attitude is very impressive.”

David Bell,

General Manager ASB Business Ventures

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