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St.George Property

Helping prospective buyers own their dream property.

A unique digital property platform.

  1. 01Complete product design
  2. 02Conducted intensive user research and testing
  3. 03Built a bespoke iOS app for St George Bank
  4. 04Provided a fast and efficient backend solution
  5. 05Integrated multiple third-party services into the app

The Challenge

Within the Australian property market, there’s been a rise in the popularity of end-to-end digital experiences for prospective home buyers, taking them from search to move and manage within a single product. 

Westpac Bank recognised this as an opportunity to add value for customers by injecting finance into the end-to-end homeowner’s value chain and offering a connected property purchasing experience. They approached us to help them build a property app that would leverage their existing St.George Property brand and facilitate their customers’ homeownership goals.

The Solution

In collaboration with Westpac, we produced a bespoke St.George property app for iOS, powered by our Sauce backend solution. In the discovery phase, we worked with Westpac to identify three main user personas that would be targeted by the app: first-time home buyers, next home buyers and buyers who are looking to upgrade from their current home to a new one. 

With similar apps already gaining traction in-market, we knew that the app would need to have a special edge over its competitors. This was partly accomplished through partnerships that Westpac Bank established to widen the scope of functionality within the experience.

The Result

Post-launch, the St.George Property iOS app is providing Australian homebuyers and aspiring homeowners with a new way to browse property listings, tying it into their overall financial journey. It incorporates St.George’s online borrowing calculator and digital mortgage capabilities, allowing users to apply for home loans online. The app has been downloaded over 1,000 times without the need for a marketing campaign, and is gaining popularity in a competitive market.

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