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My Food Bag

Helping New Zealanders enjoy locally sourced, farm-fresh meals at home.

My Food Bag hero image, showing the app in use on a phone

A seamless mobile experience for My Food Bag subscribers.

  1. 01Redesigned the My Food Bag app for iOS
  2. 02Conducted an in-depth discovery to steer design and development
  3. 03Facilitated a successful Zendesk integration

The Challenge

The team at My Food Bag makes dinner easy for families and food lovers across New Zealand, with a wide range of meal kits sourced from local suppliers. The company delivers more than a million meals to New Zealanders every month, with recipes developed by the My Food Bag Test Kitchen under the supervision of celebrity chef Nadia Lim. 

My Food Bag has over 30,000 subscribers, affectionately known as foodies. Many foodies were finding it difficult to personalise meals and adapt deliveries week-to-week to fit into their busy lives. My Food Bag aimed to solve this problem by providing an improved, intuitive mobile experience that would give foodies greater control and flexibility over their meal kit deliveries.

The Solution

We were engaged by the team at My Food Bag to help them develop a dedicated mobile app for their subscribers. The existing My Food Bag app offered limited functionality and was not a native mobile experience, with users often being led through a webview within the app out to a browser. The client envisioned a streamlined, updated native mobile app with a more intuitive interface. 

The project kicked off with a seven-week discovery phase, to explore the viability of potential features for the new app. We organised client workshops that covered a cross-section of functions and roles within My Food Bag. This included members of the test kitchen teams, who gave us an in-depth breakdown of the process of creating the recipes that form the core of My Food Bag’s business model.

Image showcasing the design of the My Food Bag app

We also interviewed members of the customer service teams, to ensure that we had a granular view of customer needs and queries so we could identify potential areas of improvement. We quickly established that one of these areas was transparency over deliveries, with customers wanting more insight into delivery timelines and processes. 

In redesigning the app, we also redesigned the user journey to ensure that users would be able to browse bags and find their perfect bag intuitively and easily. We conducted two rounds of user testing, and this aspect of the app was very well-received by users in both rounds.

Screenshots of the My Food Bag app in use

We integrated with the client’s Zendesk provider to get better support tickets in the app. Enhancing customer service was a priority for the team at My Food Bag, especially in terms of helping customers find answers to common issues quickly so the support team could be free to manage more complex and time-consuming situations.  

This engagement gave us an opportunity to design and develop the app based on extensive real-world user data, providing insight into the preferences of My Food Bag subscribers. This allowed us to identify trends and edge cases, and ensure we were catering to the needs of the majority of subscribers. This tied in with the client’s desire to help as many foodies as possible enjoy an optimised mobile experience as part of their My Food Bag journey.

Images of phones showing the My Food Bag app in use

The Result

The new My Food Bag app launched in April 2021 for iOS, earning a rating of over 4 stars in the App Store and positive reviews from foodies.

Image showcasing the design of the My Food Bag app
“Roam Digital were our key partners for our iOS app redesign and rebuild. They helped us to deliver a solution that greatly enhanced the customer experience. We were impressed with their dedication, flexibility and skills across all areas of the project from discovery to development to delivery. If you are after a solution that will exceed business and customer expectations, Roam would be the one to engage.”

Nadine Finlay

Head of Product, My Food Bag

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