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Les Mills Connect

Providing a one-stop digital experience for instructors and clubs globally.

A full-service digital platform for Les Mills instructors and clubs

  1. 01Created a new digital platform to replace multiple existing platforms
  2. 02Designed and produced a prototype within six weeks
  3. 03Provided backend and web development capabilities
  4. 04Carried out rigorous quality assurance testing

The Challenge

Les Mills International (LMI) has grown from a small family-owned gym to a globally recognised brand with a presence in 110 countries around the world. Although the brand itself has experienced strong growth, its digital offering for instructors was underperforming. By rethinking their existing digital platforms, the Les Mills team hoped to boost acquisition, retention and referral numbers.

The team engaged us to help them envision, design and build Les Mills Connect, a one-stop digital platform to support Les Mills clubs and instructors around the world.

The Solution

The project began with an in-depth discovery process, where we worked with the LMI team to define the scope of the project, including the core requirements, the potential pitfalls and opportunities, and desired features. The core requirements were straightforward, but multifaceted. The new platform would need to incorporate the functionality of two existing platforms, the Instructor Portal and Digital Kit Portal, as well as offering the ability to connect to a third platform, the Club Portal.

As part of the discovery process, we conducted stakeholder interviews to help us better understand user behaviour and identify common pain points. These stakeholders included members of the data team, insights team and five market teams within LMI. Their input helped guide the design of our prototypes. The prototypes underwent a thorough validation process. We conducted remote user testing sessions with Les Mills instructors from four key markets. Each session involved profiling and empathy questions, a prototype walkthrough and user tasks to test the UX design. The final solution design was based on data gathered during the discovery process and incorporated a host of desirable features for instructors and clubs.

In the delivery phase, we provided backend development, web development, QA testing and product management capabilities. Our backend development team validated technical assumptions, developed features, and provided working source code as well as other software deliverables.

On the web development side, we developed and implemented UI screens and interaction flows in line with the design, taking into account browser requirements as well as accessibility and responsiveness. The team also implemented APIs, analytics and other integration points.

Our QA team undertook manual testing of all new work, as well automated testing for both mobile and web environments, and provided defect logging as well as tracking of all issues. The product management team collaborated closely with the LMI team to align on product goals and outcomes, define product analytics and key metrics, and provide a comprehensive product strategy.

The resulting new platform, Les Mills Connect, enables Les Mills instructors and clubs to deliver high-quality fitness experiences to members around the world. The platform makes it easier than ever for instructors to find work, and for clubs to find instructors, ensuring that all of the talent available across the LMI network is fully leveraged.

The Results

Les Mills Connect is being rolled out in phases; the initial launch took place in the UK in late 2021. The platform is expected to be live in every key LMI market by late 2022.

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