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Goodnature Chirp

A connected platform to protect native plants and wildlife.

Person setting up good nature trap on tree with smartphone

A digital ecosystem to protect New Zealand's physical ecosystem.

  1. 01Created a custom platform designed to communicate with a physical beacon via Bluetooth
  2. 02Achieved seamless integration between beacon hardware and app software
  3. 03Built a web dashboard for enterprise users of the app
  4. 04Designed an intuitive user experience based on client input

The Challenge

Goodnature started a revolution for smarter pest control with their safe, humane automatic rat trap. They could see the potential of adding a digital element to their traps to create more value for their customers. They envisioned a technically complex platform called Chirp, which could potentially have an immense impact on pest eradication. We were hired to handle every aspect of creating the platform, including customer-centric design, mobile platforms, scalable cloud platforms, complex data handling and IoT beacon connections.

The Solution

Based on a number of Roam discovery workshops, we created an intuitive user experience design with three main aims: simplifying the trap setup process, making reporting and monitoring of trap data easy, and creating an engaging customer experience that goes beyond monitoring a trap.

To solve for the large amount of data points for traps, we designed a three-tier hierarchy of information for users. This would allow users to see the most important data points with a glance at the top tier of information.

The new, connected Goodnature Chirp traps would need Bluetooth beacons to store data every time a kill was triggered in the trap. Then a customer could visit their trap and collect that data via Bluetooth. To achieve this, we would need to ensure seamless software and hardware integration. The connection between app and beacon would need to work even when the user was outside of network coverage.

After several rounds of testing, we achieved reliable and well-tested integration between the beacon hardware and our app software. We then packaged it with a robust backend and clean frontend features.

The app needed to work not only for individual customers, but also the many organisations that rely on Goodnature traps for their wildlife preservation and ecological maintenance efforts. These groups would be using upwards of 4,000 Chirp traps each, and the traps and data would be shared across multiple accounts.

We created a web dashboard for these organisations that they could use to consolidate and consume the data from all of their traps, and enabled another layer within the user hierarchy to give contributors access to an organisation’s traps. The addition of a Chirp dashboard alongside the Chirp app created an end-to-end product that could service the entire Goodnature customer base.

The Result

The Goodnature Chirp app went live in November 2018, along with the new Goodnature A24 Rat Trap. The Chirp dashboard was launched in January 2019. It gave customers the ability to install, monitor, maintain and measure Goodnature traps directly via their phones, engage with Goodnature and the wider conservation community, and access real-time data on the impact of all Goodnature traps, a heatmap of kills across New Zealand and achievement cards.

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