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Reimagining Sweden’s biggest online marketplace as a mobile-first experience.

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Improving online auctions for millions of users.

  1. 01Evaluated the existing platform to identify areas of improvement
  2. 02Designed a more intuitive and efficient UI
  3. 03Restructured the onboarding, discovery, buying and selling processes
  4. 04Re-platformed the mobile experience and defined new API endpoints

The Challenge

Tradera, the Swedish auction platform owned by eBay, had developed into a thriving online marketplace. But they were losing market share to smaller competitors, and needed to understand why. We were brought in to evaluate the situation, and discovered that the Tradera Android and iPhone apps were receiving harsh reviews. The apps were unstable, with thousands of crashes per day — a critical failure in an era when 63% of users expect a consistent experience every time they interact with a brand (according to the Google/Greenberg study “Rising Expectations in Consumer Experiences”). We could see a clear need for more design-driven thinking to help guide key user outcomes, and native apps to ensure better performance. The Tradera team was very receptive to our findings and agreed to a joint re-design and platforming effort. 

The Solution

Since many Tradera users play the dual role of buyer and seller, our design approach had to provide a balanced experience to enable both use cases for every user. We began by introducing a tab navigation and smart notification framework to guide users to key areas within the interface. We then designed an onboarding experience that allowed users to explore the product first without being forced to create an account; instead they were shown the benefits of creating an account before being prompted to do so.

We streamlined the discovery of items and introduced a sticky search bar at the top of the screen. Knowing that users tend to respond better to images during the discovery process, we used larger thumbnails throughout the app and created a more balanced hierarchy to show price, description and time remaining.

By providing a more stable and fluid buying experience, we enabled users to bid on items more quickly and with more confidence that their bid would be entered before the cut-off time. We also made selling an item easier than ever by introducing a floating add button inside the home and selling tab to prompt users to list new items.

The previous Tradera apps were developed using cross-platform technology and it was becoming increasingly hard to support and stabilise the builds. The decision was made to re-platform the mobile experience. In addition to supporting the existing apps and reducing the number of crashes, we began working with Tradera’s architects to define new API endpoints for mobile apps, which would serve as the baseline for all future development.

The Results

On April 4th, 2017, the new Tradera app launched. The share of users engaging with the mobile app increased dramatically, the average rating of the app climbed from 2 stars to 4.5 stars, and the number of crashes inside the platform became negligible. Analytics showed that session times and engagement were higher than ever. And Tradera now had the ability to retarget former users and convert them to active users — which is a massive advantage, considering that as many as 25% of app users open an app once and never return (according to a 2015 eMarketer survey). The new app proved conclusively that beautiful design and development can have a measurable and significant impact on a company’s relationship with its customers.

The impact so far


increase in share of users on mobile

4.5 stars

average app store rating

“I must say, they’ve done an amazing job. We have done a lot and come a long way. We have a personal relationship that makes me feel they care beyond the level of a contractor.”

-Anne Mette,

Head of Product Development, Tradera

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