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A platform supporting Australian entrepreneurship.


Creating a one-stop solution for starting a business.

  1. 01Conducted intensive user research and testing
  2. 02Provided frontend and backend development services
  3. 03Supported the launch of the Backr platform
  4. 04Provided rigorous quality assurance

The Challenge

Small businesses are widely acknowledged to be the backbone of any economy, but the barrier to entry is fairly high, even in countries with a structured regulatory environment — making starting a new business a difficult and complicated undertaking. 

x15ventures set out to support aspiring entrepreneurs and make the process easier by creating a digital platform to cater to their needs.

The Solution

In partnership with x15ventures, we designed and built Backr, a platform to simplify and streamline the process of setting up a business in Australia.

In the discovery phase, we mapped out relevant user personas to help facilitate a more intimate understanding of the platform’s end users. One of the main commonalities that emerged from our user research was that many aspiring entrepreneurs are confident in their industry knowledge and their professional skillset — but far less confident in their ability to navigate the complexities of the business world, including regulatory requirements and general business operations.

To ensure that Backr would be a comprehensive digital solution for starting a successful business in Australia, we worked with x15ventures to create a user journey that encompassed every essential step, from choosing and registering a business name to creating an invoice template to use when it’s time to bill clients. 

One of the key issues faced by users was not knowing where to start. We knew that the platform would need to address this issue by providing clear, step-by-step instructions and a task system that would show users exactly what they needed to do and in what order.

The task system is based on the concept of a taskboard, to which the user can add tasks from a pre-set list. Each task is marked with the estimated time of completion; certain tasks are essential, while others are optional, with the difference being made clear to users.  

In collaboration with x15ventures, we produced the Backr brand, establishing rules and guidelines for not only the visual design but also the tone of voice and brand personality.

As part of the delivery phase, we provided API architecture and backend service supporting the frontend applications. We also provided cloud infrastructure, including setup, configuration and maintenance of Microsoft Azure systems, environments and hosting for the backend and frontend applications. We also collaborated with x15ventures to navigate the complexities of integrating Backr with government agencies and a range of third-party services. 

In addition, our quality assurance team carried out QA testing of the entire platform, and set up automation tools and processes to be able to scale the product. 

In the launch phase, we undertook deployments and all necessary preparation for launch, including test accounts, beta distribution and final deployments.

The Result

Backr launched in September 2020. The launch campaign garnered widespread media attention and facilitated new business registrations within the first month.

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