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May 20th, 2022

Roam with Roam

Brianna Paton
Brianna PatonPeople & Culture Advisor (Australia)

There are trends and then there is trendy, Roam we would say is the latter (We could be a little biased though who knows 😉).

While some companies struggle to implement mandated office days with the Boomer led focus on creating control, I mean culture, the more progressive tech companies quietly celebrate the new normal of remote working. 

The catchy "Roam with Roam" was inspired by the diversity of our people and the fact that many Roamers had been unable to see their families due to border closures for over two years. 

As we continued to thrive in a hybrid work environment, offices remaining open for those who wanted some face time, but remote working was at the forefront of our approach, we saw an organic shift in the culture and an opportunity to provide our people with the best of both worlds, especially those whose families were a 24 hour flight away.

Under Roam with Roam, Roamers can work and travel anywhere for up to three months. The option to take annual leave during this period is available, and encouraged, to ensure valuable time with family isn’t spent just working. However the time abroad can be maximized by plugging and playing anywhere with a good internet connection. 

Since the launch of this policy, multiple Roamers have elected to Roam with Roam, both Senior Backend and Frontend Engineers travelled to India. A Product Manager went to the UK and a Mobile Developer headed to Poland to support family members who had crossed the border from Ukraine.

Working from home became one of the things we valued most during Covid. To bring it further, Roam allowed to have home anywhere in the world in favour of colleagues with ties abroad, which makes it one of the most progressive companies in Australia.

- Iurii Rodyk, Mobile Developer

Lurri and his mum

Roam with Roam is one of many people first policies that aims to celebrate the cultural diversity of our offices, ensuring that all employees feel they can enjoy family and work no matter where Mum and Dad are based. 

We look forward to many more Mum selfies from our Roaming Roamers!

Brianna Paton
Brianna PatonBrianna Paton is Roam Digital's People & Culture Advisor in Australia, where she works to continuously improve our hiring practices and foster a welcoming, inclusive culture.