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April 27th, 2021

Introducing people-focused, design-led cloud services

Nigel Wright
Nigel WrightCloud Practice Lead

For the past seven years, Roam Digital has been helping our clients create amazing digital products and experiences. As part of that work, we’ve been supporting our clients with the platforms, infrastructure and service requirements needed to launch these experiences. And increasingly, our clients have been asking for additional help with the cloud services they’d need to adopt or provide. 

In order to better meet this growing demand, we’ve chosen to consolidate our cloud capabilities into a Cloud Services offering. This suite of services includes six core capabilities: cloud architecture, cloud native support, reliability, security, innovation and automation. Although these capabilities form our core offering pillars, we’re able to provide a tailored, mix-and-match set of cloud services to suit the needs of each client. 

Within the cloud space, Roam Digital is able to combine our strong design practice as a boutique consultancy with our in-depth experience in cloud native infrastructure and services. This means our focus within Cloud Services remains fully aligned with our broader mission as a company: to provide exceptional experiences for our clients and their end users. 

... our focus within Cloud Services remains fully aligned with our broader mission as a company: to provide exceptional experiences for our clients and their end users.

Often, when we discuss the future of cloud services, there tends to be an overarching focus on the kind of technology that attracts headlines and hype. This covers areas like AIOps and machine learning being applied to operational aspects of cloud services. But at Roam, our view of the future of cloud services is a very practical and people-focused one. 

We prefer to focus on tried and tested technology that can reliably deliver value to our clients. We bear that human element in mind when it comes to helping our clients define, begin or progress along their cloud journey. For example, when clients are concerned with optimising cost, we help them evaluate whether their true focus might actually be optimising speed. Within a software delivery lifecycle, delivering new iterations of an application to production on a regular basis can be an absolute game-changer, not only in terms of improving the end user experience but also reducing developer idle time. 

Having a development team operating more efficiently is an ideal form of cost optimisation: it’s about fully leveraging the internal resources a client already has, rather than convincing them to invest in technology that may not fully serve their needs. 

Our experience with enabling the cloud journeys of clients across a diverse range of industries has helped us build a strong cloud practice with a unique focus on people and design. We’re honoured to be in a position where we can now expand that practice into new markets, new technologies and new applications, while never losing touch with our core priority: people.

Nigel Wright
Nigel WrightNigel Wright is a passionate Cloud and Automation technologist who has spent most of his career accelerating innovation by helping organisations leverage the right software development tools, cloud and containers.